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(1). Intelligent control system. Intelligent control system is completed by the electrical automation design team of its branch company (Hangzhou Dayang Electrical Technology Co) of “Tianyang Rotational Molding Co. ltd” after ten years of experience in plastic industry. The system consists of a power-control cabinet and one display station operation. This achieves one-button automatic control and manual control two control modes.

(2). Reliability and stability of equipment’s operation. The main parts used in electrical control system are imported electrical appliances which improve the overall operation stability and reliability of the equipment.

(3). The combustion system: the burner used in the machine is Riello, an Italy brand. It has the following advantages: high accuracy in temperature control, smaller temperature

(4). Temperature control system. Temperature setting uses segmented control and can set the temperature in three sections. This makes the temperature more accurate and can meet the temperature needs with different kinds of products.

(5). Gate control. The gate for the oven is adopted-folding, it makes the cover area smaller than the conventional machine and it also makes the thermal insulation effect better. The technique obtains the national new practical patent.

Patent No.: 201320606908.8

(6). Oven insulation. The oven’s insulation layer thickness is 100mm, and this makes the heat preservation effect is better and more energy saving.

(7). Oven sealing performance. Carbon fiber sealing are used between door to door and the oven mouth. Adding the unique type of folding form of the oven doors, the heat preservation performance is excellent and it can save 30% of energy than traditional sliding door.

(8). High temperature resistance of winding line. Winding line is the machine spray fire area, and the inner sides of the winding line are all made of stainless steel, and this makes the equipment more durable.

(9). Deep cavity molding processing technology. Each arm is equipped with airflow amplifier device, which solved the problem of molding difficult for deep cavity products. The technology of airflow amplifier device obtains the national new practical patent.

Patent No.: 201320594495.6

(10). The equipment adopts gear transmission which is more stable and has smaller impact compared with chain transmission.

(11). Equipment design. The whole machine is screw assembly design and electricity running test will be adopted in the factory before delivery. In the buyer’s onsite installation process, it will be completed by screw assemble without welding. This way not only ensures the equipment’s quality but also makes it easier for buyers to move the machine.  

our machine can be used for :

1, Military class: Ammunition chest, Heat insulation box, Instrument box, Medical box

2, Automotive class: tank, car Base, car shell, Automobile tail box, Fender .

3, Clean class: Washing machine, Cleaning machine, Bathtub, Polishing machine..

4, lining class: Solar crystal liner, Steel pipe lining

5, Traffic facilities: Barricade , Road Barrier…

6, water tank, Drums….

7, Public environmental class:trash, Leisure chair, Flowerpot, mailbox….

8, toys : Slide, Shopping Cart, Go-kart, Pets room,

9, Aquatic products: Water platform,kayak, Floating box….