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Temperature And Rotational Molding Boxes For Production Relations
- Jan 21, 2017 -

The temperature of the polyethylene rotomoulding process is indispensable, as an example to illustrate this problem, polyethylene rotomoulding process has a special appearance: the process of powder melting to prevent the formation of bubbles between air particles, and then through the continuous heating process, the foam Disappeared. Further studies have shown that these foams are not due to their free surface melting and downward buoyancy effects, but due to the gradual melting of air bubbles in the melt of the plastic melt. Therefore, the polyethylene rotomolding machine, scientifically control the heating process to eliminate foam polyethylene products, must improve product quality is of great significance. Since the heating time is sometimes long, especially the wall thickness, the rotation may last for half an hour to one hour or more. The demand is then taken to avoid the intent of the antioxidant in polyethylene plastics in order to avoid heating during thermal oxidation and information function heating. However, when the polyethylene material is heated to very high temperatures or the heating time is too long, oxidative oxidation can not avoid the data. When the thickness of the heating time is long, it is necessary to lower the heating temperature. If you use a progressive temperature, shortening the heating time, there is air bubbles can not see the foam saved.