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Shuttle Machine The Most Common Shuttle
- Aug 15, 2017 -

shuttle machine The most common shuttle

The shuttle-type rotational molding machine generally has a combustion chamber that can be used as a source of natural gas or liquefied gas or diesel, and uses one or more stations that combine the function of cooling and unloading packing. The most common shuttle has one or two arms and a shared heating room, but there are also three arm-equipped machines. The design of the machine allows the sling plant to initially set up some, and then increase the capacity to increase after an arm. Detailed division of the composition of shuttle-type rotary press can be divided into: incubator, heater, spindle rack, electric control box and other components. Insulation box is composed of rail, mobile motor, insulation box, temperature measurement device and other components. Heater by the heating fan, heating pipe composition, by the insulation pipe and insulation box connection. Rotating base is composed of rack, bearing, rotation spindle, rotation countershaft, rotation reducer, transmission gear device and other components. Electronic control box is composed of frequency changer, contact switch, automatic switch, timer, temperature control table, operation button and so on.

There are two stations for the three stages (heating, cooling, unloading packing) process, for the mass production of the situation, is considered to be less efficient than the horse machine, the equipment has a fault self-test function, heating room Temperature can be monitored in real time. However, if the special requirements of the process, the production must be often implemented mold replacement or very large products, shuttle-type rotary press can be very efficient production.

Shuttle-type rotomoulding machine for low-volume, large-scale products using the ideal machine, but can also be planned for larger output use. Not compatible parts or products, if the different stages of the molding process in time there is a big difference, the shuttle-type rotary press is a good device.

This product has a stable quality, reasonable structure, easy operation, high efficiency, equipment, removable transport, to the customer at home to send engineers to install. Machine warranty for one year, life-long maintenance. Small and fine molding machines can be placed in a linear shape, as a larger production unit, in the work stream line considerations and the use of resources will have considerable benefits. Smaller production and shorter product cycles do not require the installation and maintenance of a larger device.

Author: JiuSheng Plastic Machinery Editor: Publish Time: 2015-11-20

Rotational molding Since 1934 originated in the United Kingdom, from the last century since the 40s, Europe with PVC paste through the rotational molding method of production of plastic balls and other toys and other products. 50 years, but also developed a low-density polyethylene powder resin as raw material of the polyethylene rotomoulding process, the production of polyethylene storage tanks, large pipe and other industrial products, thus greatly promoting the development of rotomolding process. Since then, nylon, polycarbonate, ABS and other plastics have also been used to form a plastic molding process.