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Shuttle Machine Species Characteristics
- Sep 08, 2017 -

Shuttle Machine Species characteristics

Shuttle machine is a lot of plastic manufacturers a more reasonable choice, there are many advantages and performance, can be applied to different production needs, the following we look at the type of shuttle characteristics.

      A shuttle-type arms shuttle, wear comb-type arms for the linear combination, the middle of the combustion chamber, both sides of the cooling room and loading and unloading one, when the side of the arm into the oven heating furnace, the other side is stopped Cooling or handling on the outside, flexible operation, high utilization of combustion chamber.

      2. Direct fire heating direct-fired swing shuttle, direct-fired swing equipment is through the mold up and down, around the rotation, directly through the way of fire to complete the production of production, equipment, low cost, suitable for large or large plastic products The

      3. Independent multi-arm shuttle The independent multi-arm rotomolding device is mounted on a relatively independent turntable by multiple arms. The turntable is free to rotate independently of a center so that an arm into the next workstation does not affect the other Arm position and processing. Independent arm configuration in the molding process more flexible.

      A turret-type multi-arm shuttle, which has a plurality of arms capable of carrying a mold on a turntable and circulates around a center point on a work station which is suitable for use on a turntable Production products processing cycle of the same product.For the shuttle you may be more understanding, follow Xiaobian to understand the use of shuttle it.

      The machine is suitable for lubrication of various bearings, gears, chains and other transmission machinery parts in high temperature environment. It is suitable for metallurgy, mine, oilfield, machinery, transportation and other industries in high temperature, heavy load, humidity and other bad conditions, , Gear lubrication; especially for high temperature bearings, such as: large-scale chemical plant auxiliary boiler rotary fire Tsui bearings, plastic extrusion sleeve bearings, cracking furnace fan, regenerative compressor and other high-temperature bearings, Machine, hot melt blower, heat setting drying room, baking machine, high temperature dyeing tank and other high temperature work at a higher speed of various mechanical rolling bearings and sliding bearing lubrication.

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