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Shuttle Machine Rotomolding Product Quality
- Oct 23, 2017 -

shuttle machine Rotomolding product quality

There are many factors that affect the quality of rotomolding products, which are more important mold shape, mold rotation speed, mold heating temperature, heating time, the physical characteristics of plastic powder and so on.

1, rotomolding products of the mold

Molding mold is a single wall closed mold, which gives the outline of the product and the contours of the product can not be accurate to the details. Molding die for the mold material generally choose ordinary carbon steel plate welding. The cost of welding mold is relatively low, especially for large-scale rotomoulding products.

The rotomoulding process has the following basic requirements for its mold:

Mold in the repeated heating and cooling process is not prone to deformation and deflection.

The mold should be attached to a loose holding mechanism so that the mold can be tightly closed in the heating and cooling process and can be easily opened when the product and the need for unloading are required.

The design and installation of the mold should be conducive to the relative movement of the air around the mold surface in order to allow the mold to be uniformly heated and cooled.

The mold should be provided with a vent pipe to prevent the molten plastic from being swollen along the mold joint during the heating process, and to prevent the mold and the product from being deformed during the cooling process.

The mold part of the structure should be designed to avoid the deep cavity and holes, as well as stiffeners and solid convex like the structure, because the powdery material is difficult to cover the surface of the structure.

The weight of the mold and the weight of the material can not exceed the maximum capacity of the rotomoulder.

2, rotomolding mold rotation speed

Usually the rotational molding machine uses two adjustable speed motor for the mold around the spindle and the secondary axis of the rotation, swing movement to provide power, so that the mold around the spindle speed and the axis of the swing can be adjusted. The operator can adjust the speed of the two speed motors to obtain a relatively uniform wall thickness in any product shape. The basic role of the mold rotation and swing is to mix the powdery material evenly over the mold surface.

3, the particle size of the polyethylene powder

The size of the polyethylene powder particles has an important effect on the melting process. The smaller the particle size, the greater the ratio of surface area to volume, the higher the melting rate. Usually rotomolding powder particles should not be less than 30 mesh, but the powder particle size should not be too small, because too thin powder easily moisture, agglomeration, it is difficult to dry, increase the process of the difficulties. The fine powdery material will agglomerate when rolled in the mold, resulting in uneven heating of the powder, resulting in uneven wall thickness of the product or the formation of molten plastic in the product.