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Shuttle Machine Rotation Type
- Nov 01, 2017 -

shuttle machine Rotation type

Shuttle machine is currently used in a number of rotomoulding plants are a machine, for its development we are more concerned about today and we talk about the status of China's shuttle and the development trend.

1. The status quo: China's rotomolding industry started late. Most of the rotomolding plant on the deeper one of the rotomolding technology is not enough. College of plastic processing textbooks less about the use of rotomolding equipment, the use of the shuttle Machine mostly swing, shuttle, tower, other models less, China's manufacturing machine shuttle is roughly the same, China's rotational molding plant each has a small number of shuttle, on the whole, China roll Plastic industry there is a large space for development, since the emergence of the development of the shuttle manufacturing, rotomolding mold manufacturing plant, China has also developed a successful rolling plastic and rolling plastic varieties are also increasing.

2. Development: The development of 2-arm shuttle hot box heating machine and put into use and commercial use.For polyethylene roll plastic, the heating time is roughly equal to the cooling time, 2 arm heating furnace basically non-stop, has reached the equipment Of the higher production efficiency, because the arm movement to move or move at the same time, the same diameter of the rotomolding equipment, the more arm the higher the cost of manufacturing equipment, so the progress of our shuttle room is still very large. The choice of more, strong adaptability, rotomolding can produce fully enclosed products, but also forming large, large plastic hollow products, a product molding, no internal stress, easy to deformation, no seams, rotomolding products edge strength is good , Can achieve the edge of the product thickness of more than 5 mm, completely solve the problem of hollow products edge thin; no need to adjust the mold, rotomolding product wall thickness can be freely adjusted.

The shape of the rotomolding product of the shuttle can be very complicated, and the wall thickness can be more than 5 mm, the product strength is high.

The shuttle is suitable for the production of multi-species and small batch plastic products. It is easy to change the color of the products. In the process of rotomoulding, there is no waste of the runner, gate and so on. There is almost no backlog in the production process. Uniform, it can give full play to the effectiveness of materials, so the process for the high utilization of materials, is conducive to saving raw materials. Type of shuttle:

The heating machine is divided into direct heating gas heating, hot box heating (electricity, oil, gas, coal heating), infrared heating, heating medium heating;

The shuttle is divided into a swing type, a two-axis rotary type according to the rotation type;

The shuttle is divided into a fixed arm, a pendulum type, a shuttle type, a turret type (each arm free movement free arm turret type and each arm are connected together to move the non-free arm turret type 2) ;

The arms are divided into arms, arms, arms, arms and so on.

Commonly used and common shuttle models are: 1, single arm to heat the rocking swing; 2, single-arm heat tank heating swing; 3, single-arm hot box heating biaxial rotary; 4, two-arm hot box heating double Shaft rotation (parallel movement and vertical movement 2); 5,3 arm or 4 arm hot box heating free arm turret type; 6,3 arm or 4 arm hot box heating non-free arm turret type. Generally more than a few. Each also has the diameter of the difference between the diameter of the box, there are ways to heat the difference between the way.

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