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Shuttle Machine Operation Method
- Sep 20, 2017 -

shuttle machine Operation method

Safety of the use of the shuttle

The use of shuttle, if used improperly with a certain risk, the following Xiaobian give you about the use of shuttle safety norms:

WARNING: Disconnect the power supply before performing any repairs to the shuttle.


1. Do not tear off the signs on the shuttle, please contact us if the wear needs to be replaced.

2. The operator should ensure that there are no other unrelated persons in the equipment operating area.

3. Prohibit the operator to climb on the mold, because such behavior is dangerous.

4. In the event of a fire, use dry powder fire extinguishers of grades A, B, and C, because some of the shuttle is charged.

5. Do not leave the raw material, the raw material that spills the mold in the heating chamber.

6. Do not open the protective device and safety device at will.

7. Do not repair the running mechanical parts. How to use the shuttle

   The work process of the shuttle is actually a process control, we all know how to use the shuttle to work better is its highest efficiency? Xiaobian below for everyone to briefly introduce.

     The operation of the shuttle is divided into the following three: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. The shuttle's equipment is divided into five working areas, mainly: loading area, heating room pre-cooling area, cooling room and discharge area.


     The shuttle arm is equipped with a roulette for a fixed mold, and the robot is driven by a motor driven along a circular track to the area. The starting point of the shuttle cycle is the loading area. In this work area, the angle adjustment of the wheel is realized, so that the rotomoulding mold can be safely filled in the horizontal plane.

     The turntable drives the manipulator and the mold to the heating chamber. In the heating chamber, the front end of the manipulator is driven by the gear wheel for two-way 360 degree rotation. The rotomoulding material is sintered and melted in the mold. In this work area to be heated room (oven) temperature control and roulette, automatic rotation of the robot and its rotation direction and rate adjustment.

     The shuttle rotates into the pre-cooling zone, where the mold is stationary and the molding of the rotomoulded product is solidified. Shuttle into the cooling zone, the use of wind turbines to cool the mold. The time at which the turntable is staying in each area is set according to the requirements of the process.