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Shuttle Machine Heat Transfer
- Sep 28, 2017 -

shuttle machine Heat transfer

1. Reduce gas convection heat dissipation

Gas convection cooling, heat is the flow of air away, the gas convection cooling is the most important way of cooling, in the incubator box shuttle, the impact is not; for the open fire swinging machine, the mold exposed to the air, the mold Free heat, unrestricted, most of the heat lost in the air.

2. Reduce radiant heat dissipation

Radiation heat dissipation, and the object temperature is positively correlated, that is, the higher the temperature, radiation cooling faster; lower incubator temperature, can reduce radiation heat. Swing-type shuttle, high temperature mold exposed to the air, the mold free radiation heat, unrestricted. Considerable heat through the radiation heat. Use a thermopile to close the swivel in the mold, cut off the mold and the space environment of radiation contact, to prevent radiation heat.

3. Reduce solid conduction heat dissipation

Heat transfer, and the media density, area showed a positive correlation, that is, the greater the density, or the larger the area, the faster heat transfer. The density of the medium is related to the material, and the density of the steel is large, which is a good conductor of heat. The main manufacturing material of the shuttle is steel, in order to reduce the conduction heat, you can increase the insulation layer, reduce the steel area to achieve. The main drive shaft of the incubator, the support shaft, one end in the high temperature environment of the insulation room, the other end in the external atmospheric temperature environment, the temperature difference of more than 200 degrees, solid conduction heat dissipation. Reduce the shaft diameter, can reduce the heat conduction of solid. The main drive shaft, support shaft, by the mold weight, shuttle structure constraints. Mold thickness reduction, effectively reducing the weight of the mold. The shuttle structure, the impact of their own weight, steel size. Good structure, can significantly reduce the weight of steel, reduce the shaft diameter.

Reduce the weight of steel, reduce the shaft diameter, the corresponding reduction in power demand, can reduce the installed capacity.

4. To prevent overtime heating

Molding production practice, can not accurately know the degree of plasticization, can only be based on visual observation, experience to determine the timing of the end of rotomolding. Therefore, in order to prevent plasticization, only to extend the heating time. Prolonged time due to different technical and experience vary, often resulting in overtime heating. The temperature inside the mold can represent the degree of plasticization. Using the instrument directly and accurately measure the temperature inside the mold, you can prevent overtime heating.