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Shuttle Machine Application Areas
- Oct 12, 2017 -

shuttle machine Application areas

China's rotomolding industry development can not be separated from the continuous development of new products, rotomolding products continue to expand the field of application, shuttle manufacturing technology and related technology continues to improve. Rotational Molding Industry Association will also be a strong way to accelerate the future of China's rotomolding industry in all aspects of development, of course, we need to continue to work together. China's rotomolding industry should have a very good development.

Over the years Rotational has always insisted on science and technology as a precursor to innovation as the driving force, continue to increase R & D investment efforts, and has achieved fruitful results. Now has a municipal high-end rotational molding equipment engineering technology research center, with independent intellectual property rights patented technology 12, independent research and development of independent arm four-arm five-station shuttle, shuttle swing shuttle and other equipment have reached the international advanced level , Which is ongoing "XYK2819-type gantry gantry 5-axis CNC milling spinning machine" after the success of research and development will fill the gaps in the field, to the international advanced level. At present, the company has formed an annual output of 35 sets of rotomolding equipment production capacity. In order to enhance the level of production technology, our company in 2011 bought the British convincing old rotomolding equipment manufacturer Alan York company's most energy-efficient rotomolding equipment production and control technology, making my company rotomolding equipment production technology And the international advanced manufacturing enterprises standing on the same level.

Rotational molding will be based on high-tech enterprises and municipal engineering and technology research center as the basis, and vigorously enhance the level of independent innovation and production and research cooperation, striving for advanced enterprise technology center and engineering technology research center. Increase the scientific allocation of resources, optimize the adjustment of product structure, upgrade industrial technology, further integration to improve industrial concentration and production efficiency, built the international advanced level of rotomolding equipment specialized research and development, production center, build world-renowned rotomolding equipment manufacturing advantages Enterprises, for the development of China's rotomolding cause and make due contributions.

Rotational molding, also known as rotary molding or rotary molding, is a long history of plastic molding technology. It is reported that the core of the original process as rotational molding may begin with the manufacture of terracotta warriors in the Chinese Qin Dynasty. But as a plastic rotomoulding process originated in the United Kingdom, 1887 first rotomolding patent came out, 1934 to create the first commercial shuttle. 50 years in Europe have been great development, and later gradually into the United States, Japan and other places. It is just a supplement to the injection molding process. With the maturity of polyethylene powder technology, plastic molding process has become increasingly competitive in the molding method. Since then, the rotomolding process continues to develop around the world.