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Septic Tank Production Line Construction Process
- Jul 05, 2017 -

Septic Tank Production Line Construction process

Construction of septic tanks. Construction sequence - laying trough down groundwater - treatment base cushion - equipment in place - take over water - stratified backfill - install connection wells, check wells - make ground, pavement or green. 2. In the construction of the excavation groove, the size and location of the frit are determined according to the model and location of the FRP septic tank indicated in the design drawing. Ash line excavation base, there should be taken when the groundwater precipitation measures to ensure that dry slot construction. Operation should comply with national regulations on precipitation and trenching. 3. Processing base cushion equipment should be located in a good soil on the soil, with 200mm sand cushion leveling, sand must not have hard masonry and debris. Attention should not be overtaken during construction, over-digging must be backfill and compacted and ensure the degree of density. 4. Equipment in place before the equipment in place before the detection of the elevation is correct, identify the equipment into and out of the water direction (with arrow mark), confirm the equipment will be in place, after the attention of equipment into the water pipe elevation is in line with the design drawings, Whether the water axis is on the same axis as the sewer axis. 5. Filled with water, dosing, backfill, take over the position in line with the requirements, the following soil and the water inside the device to make it stable. Backfill to a certain height, according to the design requirements of the drawings connected to the pipeline and tightly sealed. 6. Backfill requirements backfill shall not contain organic matter, permafrost and large masonry and other lumps, shall not be backfill construction waste, should be fine-grained soil backfill; backfill when the thickness of each layer can be 250mm per layer, it is appropriate to reinforce, not Local heavy impact, with particular attention to the lower part of the product back to the liquid level of dense, but also should comply with the provisions of the construction of the provisions of the backfill, the density required by the design requirements or construction. 7. Installation of the inspection wells When the backfill to a certain height, the installation of import and export connections, the practice of connecting wells in accordance with the provisions of the requirements of construction. Edit this paragraph installation instructions for excavation and processing of fiberglass septic tank product positioning should be determined according to the engineering design, according to the selected model can refer to the size of excavation excavation pit. When the foundation pit is excavated to the predetermined elevation, the foundation of the soil is compacted, and the bearing capacity of the foundation is not lower than 1OOKN / ㎡. In the case of using the yellow sand thickness of 500mm-1OOmm as the cushion, the larger masonry or choking And look flat, ready to install the septic tank in place.

 Glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tank installed or groundwater and base soil is poor, to shop thick 100mm pebbles or gravel rammed, set on the basis of 100mm-300mmC1O class concrete cushion, concrete cushion on the shop 1OOmm sand cushion, Body on both sides of the soil filled with soil. Lifting Notes 1. The base cushion should be leveled before lifting. When lifting the septic tank must also pay attention to the direction of import and export 3. The septic tank elevation must meet the engineering requirements. After the lifting in place, the local adjustment to make the level of septic tank irrigation glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tank in place to meet the requirements, the pool must be perfused 1/3 of water to stabilize, and then artificial compaction. Layered backfill fiberglass septic tanks in situ after the backfill, the bottom of the pool filled with sand (height should not be less than half of the diameter of the pool) is strictly prohibited to use construction waste as soil backfill, backfill stones should be removed , Backfill should be tamped with each layer, each layer of 30mm. It is appropriate to reinforce the manual, backfill should not be local strong impact (such as gas ramming, etc.), must be filled around the pond filled with dense pond.