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Rotomolding Machine Transmission Machinery Parts
- Aug 15, 2017 -

Rotomolding Machine Transmission machinery parts

Molding machine suitable for high temperature environment in a variety of bearings, gears and other transmission machinery parts of the lubrication; for metallurgy, mining, oil, machinery, transportation and other industries in high temperature, heavy load, wet and other bad conditions, , Gear lubrication; especially for high temperature bearings, such as: large-scale chemical plant auxiliary boiler rotary fire Tsui bearings, plastic extruder sleeve bearings, cracking furnace fan, regenerative compressor and other high-temperature bearings, Machine, hot melt blower, heat setting drying room, baking machine, high temperature dyeing tank and other high temperature work at a higher speed of various mechanical rolling bearings and sliding bearing lubrication.

The basic function of rotomolding equipment

1, can be rotated in two mutually perpendicular direction of the mold, so that the material in the mold under the action of gravity can reach any part of the cavity; in addition to the two-way rotation of the rotary press, there is a special rotomolding products Rocking machine. The rotomoulding machine mounts the mold on a rotatable frame which can be tilted to the left and right so that the mold holder 45 is tilted and the mold is rotated and shaken at the same time as the material in the mold reaches any of the cavities under gravity Parts.

   2, can heat the mold to a given temperature, so that the material within the mold fully melted.

   3, according to the need to cool the mold, so that has been molded good parts cooling stereotypes, in addition to the equipment should also be easy to operate, easy loading and unloading mold, easy loading, stripping.

Molding machine features and use are closely related.

       1, the use of precision molds and rapid processing method to shorten the delivery time;

       2, rotomolding mold production costs are relatively low;

       3, easy to repair, maintenance;

       4, rotomolding molds for medium and large rotomoulding products;

       5, mold thickness uniformity, high precision, so that the product thickness uniform, smooth;

       6, rotomolding mold in the structure above to ensure that rotomolding products without damage, the surface can eliminate the pores, trachoma.