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Rotomolding Machine Molding
- Sep 20, 2017 -

Rotomolding Machine Molding

The main features of the rotational molding machine, the characteristics and the use of closely related, the same can not be overlooked.

(1) the use of precision molds and rapid machining method, shorten the delivery time

(2) rotomolding mold production costs are relatively low

(3) easy to repair, maintenance

(4) rotomolding mold for medium and large rotomoulding products

(5) mold thickness uniformity, high precision, so that the product thickness uniform, smooth

(6) products of aluminum rotomoulding mold, in the structure to ensure that rotomolding products easy to mold, no damage, in the surface treatment to eliminate pores, trachoma

Rotational molding is a very unique way of processing, with the rotation of the raw materials, mold and molding technology continues to enrich and progress, rotomolding process will continue to improve, it is increasingly becoming a very competitive plastic molding method. Its product development and application has great potential. The company produced by the rotomolding machinery and equipment in the domestic industry in a leading position. Some products and equipment have been sold to most provinces and cities in the country and the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, the United States and other countries and regions, widely used in domestic and foreign enterprises, have been unanimously recognized and praised.

1, several typical rotational molding machine

Swing Molding Machine: has the advantage of being able to economically produce bulky, simple shape products, the disadvantage is that the degree of system automation is not high, resulting in low efficiency and heavy operation.

Shuttle-type rotational molding machine: has two shuttle, can economically produce large storage tanks, containers and small products. Simple operation, low maintenance costs, are entry-level rotomolding equipment.

Clamshell Molding Machine: Low initial cost, small footprint, less manual labor and good quality products. Rotary rotation of the machine during the rotation of the main shaft, auxiliary shaft gear motor. Arm can also be straight to the song, can handle small or large mold. Vertical Molding Machine: Three-arm and six-arm, the boom is operated in the same plane with separate heating, cooling or loading / unloading stations. The largest mold swivel is usually limited to 900 to 1200 mm The size of the product is limited. Mainly used in the production of doll parts, toys, ball and automotive parts.

Fixed Rotary Molding Machine: The device can be from a small 1000mm swing to a large 3800mm swing, there are heating, cooling or loading / unloading three stations, equipment, high efficiency, easy maintenance, in the field of rotomolding Dominance. Usually heating is a key factor in the entire cycle, so it becomes a controlling factor in the operation of the equipment.

Independent Rotary Molding Machine: Rotary Molding Machine is a type of equipment commonly used in the rotomolding industry. It has an air circulation heating chamber and an air / water cooling chamber. It provides five stations, including an automatic frame to control the rotation of each arm around the center , And each arm and the frame is independent, to provide more automated and more complete means of processing, fully embodies the flexibility of the independent rotary drum machine. Mantra Molding Machine: This machine is the exclusive product of Canada FSP company. The machine's hot box can also be used as cold box, the structure is divided into two parts, the upper part can be opened and closed, shape and open way such as mussels. Mold rotation diameter from 1.2 ~ 3.6m.