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Rotomolding Machine Molding
- Jun 23, 2017 -

With the continuous development of rotational molding process, the type of rotomoulding products continue to increase, the scope of application is also expanding, the current domestic and foreign rotomolding products involved in the industry, Rotomolding Machine Molding including transport, traffic safety facilities, entertainment, river channel dredging, construction , Water treatment, pharmaceutical food, electronics, chemicals, aquaculture, textile printing and dyeing. Domestic rotary molding unit mainly produces garbage bin, oil tank, plastic box shell.

Molding machine comb-type arms equipment for the linear combination, the middle of the combustion chamber, both sides of the cooling room and loading and unloading one, when the side of the arm into the oven heating furnace, the other side is stopped outside the cooling or loading and unloading, Flexible operation, high utilization of combustion chamber, the arm can carry a heavier mold, suitable for the manufacture of larger products, equipment maintenance convenience. The size of the combustion chamber can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

The basic process of the rotational molding machine is very simple, that is, the powder or liquid polymer in the mold, the heating at the same time around the two vertical axis rotation (rotation and revolution).

Molding Machine Coated Release Agent: The mold is coated with a release agent in order to facilitate the removal of the product from the mold, and can effectively avoid the damage caused by the adhesion between the product and the mold.

Molding Machine Installation Inserts and Related Forming Accessories: The main part of the insert is to enhance the role of the parts. The forming accessories mainly refer to the modules for forming the ribs or special parts. They must be properly installed before the mold is added. Set the position;

We come to know about the design of the rotomotive in the exhaust, the mainstream of the way the market exhausted about the concentration:

Molding Machine

1, first of all, in the design of the molding machine to take into account the use of mold parts clearance for exhaust.

2, to prevent the exhaust slot is facing the operator, to avoid the melt from the exhaust slot spray wounding.

3, in order to better exhaust, in the sub-surface to open the exhaust slot.

4, the use of exhaust plug exhaust.

5, in the gas retention area can be used in the plastic parts inside the exhaust rod or vacuum pump to implement mandatory exhaust.

With the development of China's chemical industry, China's rotational molding products continue to develop, and this time at the same time China's rotational molding machine is to get a rapid development of the time, now for the production of the equipment, the design of more scientific, the use of more Convenient, safe, the current new equipment at the beginning of the design from the security point of view, adding a lot of excellent design.

Jacket Molding Machine is mainly used for forming large and large plastic parts, such equipment using jacketed rotomoulding mold, the feeding, stripping, heating, cooling are in the same station, its smallest footprint The The heat and the temperature are accurate, especially it is suitable for forming thick-walled parts. The disadvantage is that the equipment and mold are complicated and the processing difficulties are difficult. , The price is more expensive. The cooling of the jacketed roller press is carried out by pumping into a cold liquid heat transfer medium (cold oil) and through a jacketed cycle.

Molding Machine

1, mold thickness uniformity, high precision, so that the product thickness uniform, smooth;

2, rotomolding molds for medium and large rotomoulding products;

3, easy to repair, maintenance;

4, rotomolding mold production costs are relatively low;

5, jacket rotomoulding machine using precision molds and rapid machining method, shorten the delivery time;

6, rotomolding mold in the structure above to ensure that rotomolding products without damage, the surface can eliminate the pores, trachoma.