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Rotomolding Machine Hollow Plastic Products
- Jun 14, 2017 -

Rotomolding Machine Hollow plastic products

Molding machine is a hollow plastic products forming a process, also known as rotary molding, rotary molding or rotary molding.

According to the lubrication technology monographs to modify the performance characteristics to guide the use and maintenance of the rotomolding machine equipment.

High temperature bearing grease (-20 ℃ ~ +250 ℃) high temperature grease is a compound soap thickening semi-synthetic lubricants, and add structural amendments, antioxidants and special anti-wear additives made.

Performance Features Edit

Excellent high temperature performance and oxidation stability, to prevent high temperature deterioration of the grease to ensure that the lubrication of high temperature long-term normal work; excellent adhesion performance, good mechanical stability and colloidal stability, to ensure that the lubrication site without loss; Lubricity, protection of bearings to reduce wear; excellent overall performance, to ensure a longer bearing life.

It is suitable for lubrication of various bearings, gears, chains and other transmission machinery parts in high temperature environment. It is suitable for metallurgy, mine, oilfield, machinery, transportation and other industries in high temperature, heavy load, humidity and other bad conditions, Lubricating; especially for high-temperature bearings, such as: large-scale chemical plant auxiliary boiler rotary fire Tsui bearings, plastic extruder sleeve bearings, cracking furnace fan, regenerative compressor and other high-temperature bearings, tensile tenter, Hot melt blower, heat setting drying room, baking machine, high temperature dyeing tank and other high temperature work under the high speed of various mechanical rolling bearings and sliding bearing lubrication.

Note the editor

When used, should be clean parts of the lubrication; and do plastic compatibility test, compatible when used; stored in a cool dry place, to avoid moisture, impurities mixed with the impact of product quality.

The heat source used in the molding machine mainly has electric energy, flammable gas and fuel. The main advantage of electric heating is the control is simple, easy to implement, and the higher environmental energy prices; combustion flammable gas or fuel, technical difficulty, control more difficult, the advantage of energy prices are relatively low. A variety of heating methods are hot air circulation, liquid medium circulation, infrared heating, direct flame heating and molten salt spray and other methods, which in general hot air. Several types of rotary molding commonly used heating methods are shown in the table below. Molten salt processing, due to poor working environment and high demand for the mold, the economy is also the lack of competition is shrinking.