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Rock N Roll Machine The Structure Of The Mixer
- Jun 07, 2017 -

The structure and working principle of rock and shaking mixer are introduced, and the performance of the two mixers is compared and analyzed. Methods The mixing effect of the material was analyzed according to the structure of the rock and shaking mixer and the trajectory of the mixing vessel in the space, and the motion of the mixed material in the container. Results and Conclusion Rock and shaking mixers have a good mix of powder materials, the structure of which determines the size of the amount of mixing. Common point is a single function, should be multi-functional development. Key words: powder; mixing; two-dimensional motion; three-dimensional motion

In the production of pharmaceutical solid preparations, the powder mixing unit operation has been widely used. A small amount or even a small amount of active ingredients mixed with a large number of auxiliary materials directly affect the quality of the drug. The choice of powder mixing equipment directly affects the effect of powder mixing. Thus more showing the importance of powder mixing. Powder mixer according to the traditional classification method, divided into two categories: the container rotary mixer and fixed type mixer. Conventional rotary powder mixers are cylindrical, double-tapered (or W-shaped) and V-shaped. The mixers of these mixers rotate only with the fixed shaft. While the new container-type sports mixer container is in the space to do multi-dimensional movement. So that the powder is more fully mixed. Rocker Mixers and Swing Mixers have been developed and improved since the 1990s and are now widely used in production practice.

The cylinder has two movement directions. On the one hand by the rotating motor, sprocket, friction wheel drive the container around the X axis rotation, on the other hand by the rocker motor, rocker, connecting rod to drive the drum before and after 40 ° swing. The cylinder participates in the movement of the horizontal and shaking two directions of the space of the compound movement, rather than a single fixed axis rotation.

The reason why people say the rock mixer is a two-dimensional mixer because its container on the surface only to shake and roll the two directions of movement, and in fact the material in the container is three-dimensional movement. It can be seen from Figure 1, in order to make the material mixture more uniform, in the container wall is provided with a spiral material guide plate, the material in the mixing process, in addition to the container involved in the swing and rolling, the material guide plate under the action was Spiral movement, and continue to throw the material.