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- May 09, 2017 -

Rotomolding technology is also called the rotational molding, is a kind of thermoplastic plastic hollow molding method. Usually adding powdered plastic (such as LLDPE) into the closed mold,the mold in the rotating heat at the same time, the plastic melt and evenly on the surface of the cavity, mold cooling can be the same as the cavity shape after plastic hollow products, usually by charging, sealing mode, heating, cooling and demoulding, the basic steps of mold cleaning, etc. 

Rotomolding technology advantages mainly include: roll compared to blow molding, injection mold, plastic mold can generally reduce the mold cost 50% to 70%, especially suitable for large molding plastic products; Rotomolding products good edge intensity, completely solve the problem of hollow products edge thinner, the shape of the products can be very complex, and can be more than 15 mm thickness; Rotomolding technology placement can be all kinds of inserts, thread, handles, trap device, do not need to adjust the mould at the same time, the product of the wall thickness can be adjusted; Rotomolding technology can totally enclosed products and filled with bubble material, insulation, heat preservation function. 

Rotomolding products currently has been widely used in military equipment, cold chain transportation, storage, seafood processing, aquaculture, sports equipment, toys, handicrafts, traffic safety facilities, entertainment industry, construction industry, water treatment, medicine, food, electronics, chemical industry, textile printing and dyeing, etc. Plastic products from product level, already from ordinary civilian products to key industrial development, with the continuous development of roll-plastic equipment and mould, structure complexity plastic products have been developed to the point where beyond imagination, rotomolding technology provides designers with infinite imaginary space, or even most of the injection molding, blow molding, extrusion process can not be completed, such as products, generally can be finished through therotomolding 。