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Customer Case Display Monitoring Function
- Jun 14, 2017 -

Customer Case Display Monitoring function

(Such as power distribution, UPS, air conditioning, temperature and humidity, water leakage, access control, security, fire protection, fire control, fire control, fire control, fire control, fire control, fire control, Lightning protection, etc.).

With the continuous improvement of the degree of social information, the number of computer systems and the increase in the number of its environmental equipment is also increasing, the engine room environment equipment (such as power distribution system, UPS power supply, air conditioning, fire systems, security systems, etc.) Time for the computer system to provide a normal operating environment. Therefore, the engine room equipment and the implementation of environmental monitoring is particularly important.

The operating environment, temperature, humidity, cleanliness and power supply voltage of the equipment environment and power equipment monitoring system are mainly the running status, temperature, humidity, cleanliness and power supply of the equipment (such as power supply and distribution system, UPS power supply, lightning protection device, air conditioner, fire control system, security access control system) , Current, frequency, power distribution system switching status, leak detection system for real-time monitoring and record historical data to achieve the engine room telemetry, remote, remote control, remote control management functions for the efficient management and safe operation of the engine room to provide strong The guarantee.

Monitoring function

1. Power supply and distribution: power supply parameter monitoring;

Monitor the room power into the cabinet and outlet cabinet voltage, current, frequency status.

2. Room equipment: UPS monitoring;

Monitoring the engine room UPS power input, output voltage, current, frequency and other parameters, set the alarm parameters, equipment failure and alarm parameters set the range, you can always warn the monitoring center.

3. Centralized monitoring: the above content through the computer for centralized monitoring.

4. Image monitoring: real-time monitoring and transmission of the scene of the computer room to ensure that the Bureau of the monitoring center at any time to view each branch office room video images.

5. Room environment: room temperature and humidity, water monitoring;

In the room to set the temperature and humidity sensors, in the central room can be displayed through the network real-time temperature and humidity of the room, when the temperature, humidity, cross-border warning alarm issued to the monitoring center. In the machine room is mainly under the floor set leaky induction coil, in the event of water can be issued in a timely warning.