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Construction Machinery Lacks The Purity Of Growth
- Jan 21, 2017 -

The first quarter of this year, mechanical engineering listed companies operating income and net profit "double down", but into the second quarter operating conditions, the company has been restored, profitability and financial position to the benign direction to improve. As the downstream water conservancy investment recovery, ultra-300000000000 investment in infrastructure investment driven small excavator market "blowout" in the first quarter of this year, sales reached 33,000 units, compared with March sales in February total. China Excavator Association Secretary-General Li Bao that China's small excavators this year, the situation is good, economic growth is expected to be more than 5% medium-sized excavators, the situation is not optimistic, down 5%. Therefore, a small dig alone or will continue until the second half of this year.

China's construction machinery industry analysts said China's demand for small excavators increased, indicating that small excavators for building refinement will gradually be widely used. But whether it is construction machinery manufacturers or agents do not seem to be prepared. April 3, a small dig "difficult" phenomenon, indicating that the rotary molding machine manufacturers, there is no timely adjustment of product strategy, power production and inventory deficiencies. In addition, agents dug a little because of price transparency, lower profit margins, so more is taking into account the impact of sales, market share and access to the magician rebates, sales momentum is not enough.