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China's Machine Tool Industry To Strengthen Environmental Protection And Efficient
- Jan 21, 2017 -

Machine tools are manufactured in the automotive process, manufacturing level and quality of the car, the accuracy depends largely on the mold and machine tools. Automotive and parts industry is the largest user, the main metal-cutting machine tools and mold manufacturing. In the processing of auto parts, CNC lathes, China's production of vertical machining centers can basically meet the needs of auto parts mold manufacturing.

According to statistics, at present, China 's auto industry, the main consumer of machine tools, rotating machine, accounting for about 2/3 of the total fixed - asset investment vehicle manufacturers, which demand for auto parts machine than the surrounding large original equipment Manufacturers, the automotive industry demand for machine tools account for 70%. Three years later, the impact of China's auto industry, a large number of idle capacity, large-scale mergers and restructuring of China's auto industry, the demand for machine tools will gradually reduce the demand for machine tools will be more environmentally friendly and efficient.

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