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Carrousel Machine Working Principle
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Rotary-type high-frequency welding machine turntable high frequency welding machine works:

Mainly used

High-voltage equipment, high-voltage rectifier self-excited high-frequency tube oscillation instantaneous generation of electromagnetic current field, the use of processed PVC, TPU, EVA, PET and other plastic, plastic materials in the electromagnetic field of its plastic, plastic materials, internal molecules polarized heat , Plus a certain pressure to make the need for heat welding of plastic, plastic products to achieve the role of welding sealing.

High cycle rate is mainly used in the international industrial band 27.12MHz, the international standard. High frequency of the use of the independent research and development company to avoid electromagnetic radiation interference device system, greatly reducing the high frequency of electromagnetic radiation on the human body surface radiation intensity. High frequency can be based on the need to heat the welding of plastic, plastic product features, choose to install a stepless heating device, the temperature can be adjusted according to the nature of the material the corresponding temperature, mainly for the mold surface heating. High frequency using the latest research and development of the self-flow protection device system, the main role is to protect the high-frequency tube due to excessive current caused by unnecessary tube burned. High frequency using the latest technology anti-ignition device system, the main use of NL5557 highly sensitive spark device, can instantly protect the high-frequency die due to excessive current caused by high-frequency die burned.

High frequency using turntable operation, the table panel before and after the two sides of the dial, the operating mode is rotated by the operator 180 degrees turntable around the turntable alternately. The heat welding process is controlled by time and the equipment has four time systems. High frequency mainly uses the cylinder to drive the two straight guide rails to pull the table panel operation principle, the output high frequency current is strong, the performance is stable and reliable, the head pressure pressure can according to the need heat welding welding plastic, the plastic material sealing packing request is free to adjust, mainly applies to the production suck Plastic shell sealing, plastic, plastic products, heat sealing welding. The main purpose of the flat head is mainly for the high-frequency mold area of the larger plastic, plastic products, heat welding or suction or suction, the use of a flat die-type mold, mold only need to be installed on the flat plate can be, simple and convenient, The plastic shell is sealed and the mold plate is mounted on a rectangular plate with a size of 400 * 200.