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Carrousel Machine Transmission Machinery Parts
- Sep 28, 2017 -

carrousel machine Transmission machinery parts

The wheel is suitable for the lubrication of various bearings, gears, chains and other transmission machinery parts in high temperature environment. It is suitable for lubrication of motor, bearing and gear in harsh conditions such as high temperature, heavy load and humidity,

1. In the field of fitness sports, the turntable can be used in this field to produce water polo, float, bicycle cushions, boats and buffer shock absorbers between boats and shipyards, etc. These materials are resistant to chemical erosion and maintenance Low protection costs.

2. The field of toy handicrafts. Turntable machine can make the finished product is very delicate and beautiful, it is often used to produce more than the value of the product, especially toys, models, crafts and so on.

3. This type of product is mainly used in some commonly used for storage tanks, all kinds of liquid chemical storage tanks, gasoline containers and so on.

4. The use of the car field. Turntable in the field of automotive technology can be used to make a variety of pipe fittings, such as some copy of the handrail or elbow and other turntable more selectivity, adaptability, rotomolding can produce fully enclosed Products, but also forming large, large plastic hollow products, a product molding, no internal stress, not easy to deformation, no seams, rotomolding products edge strength is good, you can achieve the edge of the product thickness of more than 5 mm, completely solve the edge of hollow products Thinner problem; no need to adjust the mold, rotomolding product wall thickness can be adjusted freely. The shape of the rotomolding product of the turntable can be very complicated and the wall thickness can exceed 5 mm or more and the product is of high strength.

Turntable for multi-species, small quantities of plastic products production, easy to change the color of the product, in the process of rotomoulding, there is no flow, gates and other waste, the production process is almost no charge, the product wall thickness comparison Uniform, it can give full play to the effectiveness of materials, so the process for the high utilization of materials, is conducive to saving raw materials. Rotary machine work process is a process control, in the turntable production process sometimes there are some problems, such as the production of the product surface is not smooth, etc.,


1. Reason: Rotation temperature is too low or too high In addition to bring color difference, the surface brightness can not meet the requirements of some products require surface bright, easy to polished surface of the mold is easy to achieve, but some products need a variety of surface Stripping, A case and other decorative effect, the mold can not be polished in order to facilitate the mold release, and sometimes need to spray mold release Jing, such as improper use, will greatly affect the surface quality, resulting in a higher product rejection rate.