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Carrousel Machine Size Error
- Oct 23, 2017 -

carrousel machine Size error

The dimensional error of the rotomoulded article is subject to a number of related factors. These factors can be broken down into product design, material selection, mold design and structure, and product molding processes. Among them, the mold design and product design once determined to no longer make any changes, the remaining two can cause changes in the material and molding process among the two factors, the impact of the molding process is more significant. This is the reason why it is considered the best starting point for solving the size change of the article. In the rotomolding process there are many factors that will affect the size of the product, such as the size of the shaft speed, reversing, stripping temperature, the use of release agent, there are many potential factors. For example, the amount of plastic added to the cavity changes, and the wall thickness of the product changes. And shrinkage and product size will change with the wall thickness changes.

Rotation speed and ratio

The speed and ratio of rotation will determine the number of times a particular position in the cavity passes through the aggregate, and the direction of entering the plastic paste. Rotation molding process changes in the operating parameters will affect the uniformity of wall thickness. Whether to use the reverse can also change the consistency of the normal wall thickness.

It is generally considered that the processing of one product at a time on one arm of the same rotational molding machine or mull-type rotational molding machine ensures the highest precision grade and repeatability of the product size. This method will increase the cost of molding, but it is really based on narrow dimensional tolerances.

Rotation molding time, temperature and air speed

Molding time, temperature and air speed will affect the size of the final product. Plastic materials, the more heat, the more powerful expansion, when the room temperature will also shrink when the more obvious.

The cooling rate of the plastic will affect the shrinkage of the product. Cooling too fast will reduce the shrinkage; and cooling too slow will increase the shrinkage, but this will result in uneven product shrinkage. Rotation of rotomoulded products will lead to different parts of the shrinkage of different parts of the product, and this difference in shrinkage will make the product longevity warp, and difficult to ensure that the size of the same product.

The best way to reduce the size error is to establish the optimal molding process and to ensure these process conditions. The most common factor in the size of the product is that the molding process conditions are intentionally or unintentionally changed.

 There are many potential influencing factors in the rotomoulding process. Today's slewing machines have minimized these factors and have precise control over every aspect. This new control system is accurate and reliable. So the modern rotomoulding machine to achieve with the previous rotational molding machine is expected to be the accuracy level.