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Carrousel Machine Low Energy Consumption
- Jul 20, 2017 -

Carrousel Machine Low energy consumption

Low energy consumption, low pollution, automatic blow molding machine applications

At present, plastic is so widely integrated into our daily life, so the development of blow molding bottle space is very broad, but in this industry there is a great waste of the phenomenon, resulting in economic efficiency and social benefits are subject to Great loss, so low energy consumption, low pollution, automatic blow molding machine application has been a great response. Take a look at the development of automatic blow molding machine which are there?

Although the development of the current automatic blow molding machine market is a bright and prosperous, but not every fully automatic blow molding machine can get everyone's approval, so at this moment, we must meet the social needs, grasp the main theme of the times, So that we can get a broader development.

In the blow molding industry, a large part of the resources will be lost, increase the cost of materials, the entire production of the enterprise development is extremely unfavorable. In response to this situation, our company introduced a low energy consumption, low pollution, automatic blow molding machine can be a good resource utilization, improve the utilization of resources as a whole, for enterprises to win more room for profit, while significant savings The resources, but also for the cause of green to make a contribution.

The company for a first-class processing technology, advanced high-end blow molding equipment and professional skills superb staff, to ensure the full range of quality products through the clearance, so that everyone satisfied. At the same time our products are absolutely environmentally friendly and healthy, will not have any adverse effects on everyone's health. So this low-power, low-pollution automatic blow molding machine once used in the industry's resource use, recycling made a significant contribution to the industry and many consumers and the praise and sought after.

Dongguang Bo with automatic plastic blow molding machine, the integration of German technology, professional design, production and sales, suitable for the production of 10 ml to 220 liters of eye drops bottles, bottles, cosmetic bottles, chemical barrels, lubricants barrels, Plastic barrels, bottles, cans, tool bags, special-shaped hollow, car fuel tanks, trays and other hollow products.

Is the first engaged in the development and development of hollow blow molding machine production enterprises. Over the years the company on the basis of foreign advanced technology, combined with the company for many years experience in the production of hollow blow molding machine, with a more mature production technology and manufacturing processes.

Fully automatic plastic blow molding machine The whole system works is relatively simple, because only need to supply stretching cylinder and pre-blowing this part of the installation structure is also very convenient, it is worth noting that the recovery of gas and the balance between consumption, Different capacity bottles should grasp the relationship between supply and demand.

Although the system will only provide the gas to the stretch, pre-blowing two parts, it seems a bit in the ointment, but its small investment (SBO10 / 14 as an example only about twenty thousand, depending on the price of accessories), return large (year Cost savings of 16 to 20 million), strong independence (failure or other reasons, the use of the original gas supply system), high flexibility (easy to install, convenient), very much in line with our technical transformation of the basic principles of the project Competitive in the market.

In the open air is not blowing, the low pressure gas through the original pipeline solenoid valve to the cylinder exhaust pipe, recovery of the storage tube and the cylinder through the one-way valve isolation, recovery of gas tank without low pressure gas, this When the entire drawing air system and the pre-air blowing system remain unchanged before the original shape.