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Carrousel Machine Forming Process
- Sep 08, 2017 -

Carrousel Machine Forming process

Rotary machine selectivity, adaptability, rotomolding can produce fully enclosed products, but also forming large, large plastic hollow products, a product molding, no internal stress, not easy to deformation, no seams, rotomolding products edge Strength, and can achieve the edge of the product thickness of more than 5 mm, completely solve the problem of hollow products edge thin; no need to adjust the mold, rotomolding product wall thickness can be adjusted freely.

      The shape of the rotomolding product of the turntable can be very complicated and the wall thickness can be more than 5 mm and the product strength is high.

      Turntable for multi-species, small quantities of plastic products production, easy to change the color of the product, in the process of rotomoulding, no flow, gates and other waste, the production process is almost no charge, the product wall thickness comparison Uniform, it can give full play to the effectiveness of materials, so the process for the high utilization of materials, is conducive to saving raw materials.

  Turntable application we may know some of its use to speed up the production, but for its working principle we understand how much, here we look at the working principle of the turntable bar.

      1. The working principle of the turntable is to use the thermophysical properties of the plastic, the material from the hopper into the barrel, the barrel outside the heating ring heating, the material melting, in the barrel with the external power motor driven under the rotation of the screw.

      2. Materials in the role of the screw, along the groove forward transport and compaction, the material in the external heating and screw shear under the dual role of gradually plasticizing, melting and homogenization, when the screw rotation, the material in the groove Friction and shear force, the molten material is pushed to the head of the screw.

      3. The screw in the material under the reaction of the back, so that the screw head to form a storage space to complete the plasticization process, and then the screw in the injection cylinder piston thrust, high speed, high pressure, the storage chamber of molten material through The nozzle is injected into the mold cavity, the melt in the cavity through the pressure, cooling, curing stereotypes.

      Above is today we look at the turntable with the working principle, my company's turntable price is reasonable, if necessary, please contact us, we will be happy to serve you, welcome your call, look forward to working with you for your cooperation.