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Rotational molding with injection molding operating conditions
- Jan 21, 2017 -

1. back pressure; screw in the rotation of the feed back when the resistance is called the back pressure, its role in the transport of raw materials in the compression more closely.Can make the raw materials, air and water from the screw after the discharge, so that the sol does not affect the finished surface The gas composition will be low, there will be bubbles, the surface of silver grain.Highly overheating, agglomeration, overflow glue, long cycle, screw recoil.At the same time the application of the retreat is very important: back pressure is low, some raw materials to loose, (According to the different nature of the raw materials to adjust more than back pressure). Back pressure must be used when the high and loose back and pay attention to the distance or not involved in the air and not overflow glue as a criterion.

2. Pressure and speed have some of the same relationship between the role in the rotomolding mold. Purpose of the raw materials into the mold can be uniform, thorough, adequate to fill the corner. Too short will short shot, shrink, too high, , Stick mold, charred, vulnerable mold and internal stress high undesirable phenomena

3. off molding: in principle, should be greater than the plastic injection into the rotomolding mold the total pressure in order to not flash as the base