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Rotary mold with sandpaper polishing should note the following:
- Jan 21, 2017 -

(1) rotomolding mold polishing with sandpaper need to use a soft stick or bamboo stick. In the polished surface or spherical, the use of cork can be better with the round and spherical curvature. The hard wood like cherry, is more suitable for the smooth surface polishing. Trimming the end of the wood to make it consistent with the steel surface shape, so as to avoid the acute angle of the wood (or bamboo) contact with the steel surface caused by deep scratches.

Rotomolding mold rotomolding aluminum film-ZZ-MJ-02

(2) when the rotomolding mold for different types of sandpaper, the polishing direction should be changed 45 ° ~ 90 °, so that the former model sandpaper polish left after the stripes shadow can be distinguished. Before changing the sandpaper, you must carefully wipe the polished surface with 100% pure cotton with a cleaning solution such as alcohol, because a small gravel on the surface will destroy the entire polishing job. This cleaning process is equally important when polishing from sandpaper to diamond polishing paste. All particles and kerosene must be completely cleaned before polish is allowed to continue.

(3) To avoid abrasions and burns the surface of the workpiece, care must be taken when polishing with # 1200 and # 1500 abrasive paper. It is therefore necessary to load a light load and to polish the surface using a two-step polishing method. Rotating mold with each type of sandpaper to be polished in two different directions should be polished in two directions, each rotation between the 45 ° ~ 90 °.