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Overseas situation and development trend
- Jan 21, 2017 -

In recent years, in North America, Europe developed countries, the development of rotational molding industry is very fast, its development rate is higher than the average speed of development of the plastics industry as a whole. In addition to rotomolding factory and rotomolding production factory, there are a considerable number of other professional auxiliary plant, such as rotomolding mold factory, mold release agent production plant, rotomolding special-purpose Pigment production plant, milling machine factory, inlay factory and suitable for rotomixing mixing equipment factory, there are many rotomolding special raw material supply factory and so on. Rotational molding equipment developed in developed countries have become increasingly sophisticated, towards the level of automation and control of the ever-increasing direction of continuous development.

At present, rotational molding equipment can not only produce simple structure, single layer of small products, but also the production of complex structure, multi-layer, large and very large products, including various container products, automotive aircraft, Ships, as well as human organs and so on.

Rotational molding machine from the heating point of view, the most commonly used only two categories, direct fire and hot box heating. Production of large-scale products with more direct fire heating, that is, direct-fired heating rocking rotomolding machine; production of small and medium-sized products to use more hot box heating, the most common model is the hot box heating swinging rotomolding machine, Plastic machine, 3-4-arm tower-type rotomolding machine, hot-box heating "mussels" -type rotomolding in recent years the rapid development.