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Europe: rotational molding products market continues to grow
- Jan 21, 2017 -

Rotomolding is a smaller category in thermoplastics processing methods. According to the latest AMI survey, by the end of 2006, there were about 300 rotomolding companies in Europe, with less than 1% of the total consumption of rotomolding products.

Since 1991, AMI began to investigate the rotomolding plants in Europe. The results show that the annual growth rate of rotomolding industry is high. At present, the annual consumption of rotomolding products is close to 250,000 tons.

In Europe, rotomolding products processing plants in the distribution of regional differences in the larger distribution in the UK and Ireland.

In other countries, such as Germany, the main promotion of some high-speed plastic processing methods, such as blow molding. In the United States, the United States, the United States,

As the European market and the increasing demand for rotational molding products, rotational molding technology continues to improve, showing a gradual trend. Scandinavia is a typical example, in recent years, the rapid development of the use of rotational molding products, and its local market demand for large, such as boats, buoys, floats and other products are suitable for processing by rotational molding.

According to AMI rotomolding processing plant survey, Europe is still dominated by small manufacturers, the report of a total of 315 enterprises, of which more than 200 for the private sector.